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Area schools see an increase in students with flu

February 14, 2008

Albany--It's a sign that flu season is far from over.  Officials with the Southwest Georgia Health District are reporting that a number of students attending schools throughout our region are coming downing with the illness.

They say there's been at least more than thirty cases of the flu confirmed in the Lee County school system.

The majority of those cases are in high school students, but all grades are being affected.

The district is also reporting a number of flu cases in Thomas County.  Absentees throughout schools in the region are being reported as well and public health and school officials suspect that it's related to the flu.

Dr. Jacqueline Grant with the health district says that they still have plenty of the vaccine to go around for people who yet to get the shot; however, she says some who aren't getting vaccinated have misconceptions about doing so.

"The main thing we here is that if you get the flu shot it'll give you the flu. That's just not an accurate statement. The flu vaccine doesn't contain live viral particles. It is basically a protein particle. And there is just no way the flu vaccine can give you the flu," she says.

The vaccine will cost you about twenty-five dollars.

If you think you have the flu, of course, make sure you see a doctor.  Symptoms of the illness include severe headache, fever, and fatigue.

The illness is contagious. 



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