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The price to light up could go up

February 13, 2008

Albany--  An expensive habit could get even more expensive if state lawmakers get their way.

Georgia's 37-cent per pack cigarette tax is one of the lowest in the country. A state house bill would raise the tax by a dollar. Albany smokers we spoke with  have different views on the proposed hike.

Some say the higher price could help them kick the habit. Others say they'll continue to smoke no matter what.  

Juan Wiley has been smoking for years and says the price to puff doesn't outweigh the consequences of quitting.

"I have stopped for like two weeks one time and I was just mean and grumpy," said Wiley.

"I think it's good that they would put a dollar tax on it because then maybe I won't buy it. It'll stop me from smoking I guess," said smoker Tanisha Cody.

Georgia hasn't increased the tobacco tax in five years. The extra money would pay for healthcare programs in Georgia. Organizations like the American Cancer Society and American Heart Association are pushing the plan.



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