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Two Tift children contract rare bacteria

February 13, 2008

Tifton -- Hemolytic Ureic Syndrome has hit Tift county, and parents very are concerned for their children's health. "It's my child. It's my only child. So I think all parents should take precaution," said Kim Taylor.

"It is very rare. I have been here seven years, and this is the only two cases that we have seen in that period of time," said Pediatrics and Infectious Diseases, Dr. Tibisay Villalobos-Fry. 

The symptoms of this bacteria are very similar to the stomach flu, but the main difference lies in its severity. "Because it enters the colon, the intestines seem to be more severe. They have inflammation and they get bloody stool, said Dr. Villalobos-Fry.

This particular bacteria can be found in animal and human feces. "So whenever you have contaminated feces, then you can get it. When it happens to be food, it could be vegetables and meat that were contaminated with the bacteria," said Dr. Villalobos-Fry.

Two children have been infected with H.U.S. so far. "One case was in November, late November. The other was in February. There was no common ground or no common source. They didn't share anything. Their seems to be no relationship," said Dr. Villalobos-Fry.

And doctors want to make sure their isn't a third. "The best treatment is prevention. When you have meat it needs to be fully cooked," said Dr. Villalobos-Fry.

"Mothers should keep sanitation solution in their purses," said Taylor.

"Always hygiene is the best prevention," said Dr. Villalobos-Fry. So your child won't be next.

H.U.S. is not uncommon in the state of Georgia. Last year there were 13 cases that were diagnosed all over the state. None of those were in Southwest Georgia.


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