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Does Albany Tomorrow, Incorporated have a future?

 February 13, 2008

 Albany --   Now that the organization is without a leader for the second time in about a year, some people are questioning the group's role in the future. Board Chairman C. W. Grant says the future is definite, but ATI may have to find a new path.  

 The past year has been challenging for ATI Board Chairman, C. W. Grant.  While leading the board, he's worked to hire a new CEO and just two weeks ago, watched that CEO walk away after he just didn't make the cut.

"I think the ATI Chairmanship is a challenge, but I'm very satisfied with accepting that challenge," Grant says.

And the board is confident in his ability to carry them through.  Wednesday, he was once again voted in as chairman for the year.  Now that his future on the board is secure, can he say the same for Albany Tomorrow as an organization?

"ATI is heading the same place tomorrow where it has been yesterday, revitalizing downtown Albany and being on the cutting edge of helping our community," he said.

But what will that entail?  ATI has worked on and completed some major projects downtown, like the Flint Riverquarium, the Ray Charles Plaza and Civil Rights Museum. 

Now that those projects are done... or close to it... what can ATI do? "I think that if you were only looking at the projects that we have developed from the city and the county you could very easily reach that conclusion, but the revitalization of downtown Albany doesn't stop there.  There is still much to be done," Grant says.

And Grant believes some of that may be done in partnership with downtown manager and ADICA Director Don Buie.

"Certainly from what we know about Mr. Buie, any professional with those kind of talents would be an asset to any organization, and ATI certainly would love to have such talents, but it's all exploratory."

But one thing that's not to be explored is the demise of this board. Grant says, "I do not see the end of the day for ATI," ATI has about five projects still in development. 

All should be complete within the next eight months.


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