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ECHS ranks fourth for "college readiness"

February 12, 2008

Blakely-- Many of the kids who proudly walk "senior hall" at Early County High School will soon walk onto a much bigger campus.  But for the teachers here, getting their students prepared for that day starts much sooner. 

"I believe it starts with the day they enter high school. You have to build a good foundation as 9th graders and then build on that," says Principal Irene Bush.

That's what they've been working on here, and apparently its paid off.  The Governor's Office of Student Achievement ranked the school 4th in the state when it comes to college readiness.  

"I was not surprised because I have been here in education for 30 something years and I know what's available to our students," says Superintendent Kenneth Hall.  And there are lots of options available, beyond the College Prep program.

Nursing and welding programs give students on the technical track a head start.  "We have teachers here who are really dedicated to finding what it is their students are interested in. And then tap into that in order to motivate them to be prepared," says Bush.

"A student should be prepared and not limited by their high school background. So I think broad preparation with as much opportunities for our students so they can change their minds and they'll still have the quality education to go on to college," Hall says.  

And while they're in an agricultural-based part of the state, they want any of their students who want to go to college, to have the option.  Hall says, "It doesn't matter whether you're rural or urban, you can still have an excellent program to prepare you're students to go to college or wherever." That's something this school has proven.

Grady, Turner, and Lowndes county school systems also made the Governor's list. Grady ranked 8th, Turner 17th, and Lowndes was 23rd.



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