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South Georgians receive fake IRS email

February 12, 2008

Valdosta - Valdosta police say people in their area are also being targeted.

They've gotten complaints about phone calls from people who claim they can get you an early tax rebate.

The catch is they want your personal information.

We got our hands on an e-mail like this.

It says it's from the IRS and even has a government seal but the websites and numbers don't match up.

It also claims to offer an early rebate check if you send back your bank account information.  "Scam artists will pray on these certain situations and with this tax rebate thing that's been in the news, it's a good situation for them to start praying on people so just beware of who's calling you and what they are asking for. Do not give out any information," says Lt. Bobbi McGraw.

Police say if you have a question about an IRS call or e-mail, you should call them or an accountant.

No matter what, don't give out your bank account or personal information.


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