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50 cents sounds good right about now

February 11, 2008

Albany--  After months of up and down prices, there's some possible good news on the nation's gas situation. You've probably noticed the prices coming down a few cents recently.

Now there are predictions that they could keep falling over the next several weeks. One reason is a high gas inventory in the United States. Add to that the fact that the price for a barrel of oil has fallen below $88 and it could add up to some savings by Spring.

Love is definitely in the air and everywhere you look at Mary B's Flowers in Albany. "It's the busiest holiday for me," said owner Mary B. Stephens.

Calls have been pouring in for Valentine's Day. Holiday favorites have filled up a long line of order sheets. "Roses of course are always number one," said Stephens. Many of those orders will be delivered come Thursday. But because of increasing gas prices, Stephens says they're feeling the pinch.

"We have to pay a little bit more for delivery," said Stephens.

Other drivers are also feeling that financial pain. "It's outrageous. It really is," said driver Dale Holley.

It's been a long time since prices have been below the $2 mark. Holley drives an SUV and those prices add up quickly. "Nowadays it takes $120 to fill up anything," said Holley. And as he fills up, it's hard to see any relief through the pump.

It bothers him that companies profit billions each year. "A lot. A lot. What are you doing with all the money?," asked Holley.

But Triple A and other gas experts predict prices will continue to come down, even up to 50 cents by Spring. So let's do some math. Say drivers like Dale pay $2.92 a gallon. Say he puts 20 gallons in. That adds up to $58.40. But if we get that 50 cent reduction and he still gets those 20 gallons in his SUV, that's $48.40. That's a savings of $10.

"It'll help a little bit but not a lot. But I have to see it to believe it," said Holley. If it happens, it'll be too late for Mary Stephens and her customers this time around. Still, Stephens can't escape the excitement of the week.

"I'm excited about it because I want my customer, when they walk into my shop to be excited about what they see inside of my shop," said Stephens.

Hopefully a Valentine's Day gift of love is enough to make up for the prices many have come to hate.

More proof that prices may continue to go down, according to Triple-A, the average price for regular unleaded in Georgia was $3.06 a month ago. Now the average is about $2.90.  

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