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Storm aide slow in coming

February 11, 2008

Albany-  Aide was quick, but federal reimbursement to local fire departments that helped during last year's wildfires is slow in coming.

The city of Albany has yet to be reimbursed for the help they gave during Georgia's largest wildfire disaster last April in Ware County. Fire official say it was the size of the wildfire and the amount of crews, that's made the reimbursement process longer than usual. It's something Albany firefighters anticipated.

"We worked with the finance department and with the city manager's office and we made everyone aware of the volume that we were dealing with and what the anticipation would be and we went ahead and made accommodations for that," said Albany Fire Deputy Chief David Eddins.

Reimbursements have just arrived for fire fighters who responded in Mississippi when Hurricane Katrina pounded the gulf coast. The city has been reimbursed for their help with the Americus tornado.



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