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Hahira to crack down on baggy britches

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February 11, 2008

Hahira - It's a trend believed to have been started in prison. And if you wear it in Hahira, it may soon get you in trouble with the law.

The City Council is looking to outlaw baggy pants, saying many in the community view it as disrespectful and unsafe.

This YouTube video shows a student pulling a dozen weapons out of his baggy pants.  But at first glance, you'd have no idea he was carrying any weapons at all.

Hahira Mayor Wayne Bullard has seen the video too and says the bare-your-britches fashion has to stop.  "We thought it may be a fad but it's not passing like a fad. It seems to be lingering," Bullard says.

He says while many view baggy pants as a fashion, many in his community simply view it as indecent exposure.  "We are more like a bedroom retirement community and we have a lot of older folks and they find this disrespectful and indecent."

"They are made to be put up here, not down there," adds 72 year-old Grover H Chandler. 

And a trend that could bring trouble to this small town.  "You got gang members ganging around trying to get gang members around here and all so you don't know what they are toting and it's bad on the old folks," Chandler says.

Mayor Bullard has proposed an ordinance that, if passed, would punish anyone sporting this trend with a fine up to $100 plus community service.

But not without a warning.  "We'll warn everybody first and nobody will ever be arrested for this," says Hahira police chief Terry Davis.  " We'll issue a summons after we've warned repeat offenders a couple of times to appear in a municipal court in Hahira and it will be up to the judge what fine they impose."

And while many may view the ordinance as racial profiling, Bullard insists it's a crack down on the clothes, not the culture.

"We are going to cite everybody. We are not just picking on one certain group, " Bullard says. 

City Council will vote on the ordinance March 6.

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