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Missing championship ring returned after more than ten years

February 8, 2008

Tifton-  Four million dollars in renovations to Brodie Field in Tifton unearthed a piece of history worth just as much to one man. Demolition of the field house began last week. It's what crews found inside when they were pulling apart the toilets that made one man's day.

Dewey Sexton keeps Brodie Field in top shape. He has for the last 25 years.

"From mowing, to painting, to fertilizing to whatever has to be up to par on the field," said Sexton.

A defensive lineman from 1977 to 1980 he walked and helped on the sidelines when the Blue Devils brought home a State Championship in 1983. For that he got a championship ring, but lost that part of history as he was tending the turf for future champions.

"I didn't have any idea, no idea, no idea, whatsoever," said Sexton.

Dewey Sexton figures like the championship, the ring was history, that was until history unearthed itself. As part of the Brodie Field renovations, the field house is being demolished. As crews were tearing up the toilets, out popped a 1983 state championship ring.

"I was turning it over to get all of the water off and I noticed a ring, and a quarter, and a piece of glass," said Victor Mireles, Tift County Board of Education employee.

Victor Mireles knew right away who the ring belonged to, the owner's name was on the side like this. He called Sexton with the news.

"He got real excited about it and he met me at our shop our maintenance shop and he was real excited about it. He was talking about how long he was missing it," said Mireles.

Although at one point Sexton has lived in the field house, it's the last place he would have looked. "I don't think that's where I lost it at, but I don't have any idea," said Sexton.

 This is what Sexton's ring looks like, but it's not Sexton's ring.

"They shipped it off to get it cleaned up," said Sexton.

When it's back in the owners hand, it won't be there long, this time Dewey Sexton's putting it in a safe place.

"When I get it back, it's going to go in my wife's jewelry box," said Sexton.

In this case, so history won't have a chance to repeat itself.

Dewey Sexton hopes to have the ring back in five weeks. The renovations at Brodie Field will take longer than that. They hope to have replaced the bleachers, concession stands, ticket gates, and field house before football season starts.

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