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Weather radio promotion a success


February 7, 2008

Albany -- Just two days after a deadly outbreak of tornadoes in the southeast, hundreds of south Georgians got their hands on a device that could save their lives in a weather emergency.

Judging by the looks of this line you would think that there's big sale on produce. But the line at Harvey's Supermarket, which stretched out the door Thursday afternoon, was filled with people with one goal in mind.

"They said it had to be programmed. I don't know what program they've got, " said Paul Laramore. He was like hundreds of others who got in line to have their weather radio programmed by the experts.

Equipped with their weather radios, south Georgians got some extra peace of mind knowing that in the event of severe weather, they will now have a 24-hour alert system to warn them of possible dangerous storms.

For Martin Embree, who came all the way from Randolph County to get his new weather radio. He said, "It's real important because it lets you know what kind of weather is coming in, especially with what happened in Tennessee, Alabama, and other places.

"These are really good more for the night time storms that sneak up and are not very well forecast in advance. And that way you know that you can go to sleep at night and we'll alert you to those storms that come up quickly," said Bob Goree with the National Weather Service.

And while the lines were long, for the most part just about everyone agreed with Sara Harvey. She said, "It's very much worth the wait."

The Harvey's on North Slappey had about 250 weather radios.

They sold out in just a couple of hours.

They brought in radios from all the nearby Harvey's stores and sold out of them too.

The stores hope to restock soon.