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Landscapers offer secrets to keeping plants alive

February 7, 2008

Albany-  The exceptional drought we've endured over the last year has many homeowners thinking twice before planting in their yards this spring.

Landscaping experts say most plants, other than seasonal flowers, don't need that much water. They recommend watering once a week for at least an hour and a half to give plants the one and a half inches of water they need. Many landscapers also count on a product that holds water and then releases it gradually to plants.

"There's a product out called hydra gel, Terra Sorb makes it, along with a few other companies. It will take in about 200 times its weight in water and slowly release it over a week to two week period it will cut down on your watering and will last up to a couple years," said Chris Bearden, Lawn Rangers Owner.

Plants that do well here in south Georgia and don't require so much water include azaleas and junipers.



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