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Sheriff Heath searches for sex offenders

February 7, 2008

Valdosta - Troy Bolin is one of America's Most Wanted Criminals. He's on the run from the law for repeatedly molesting two young girls. Law enforcers say he's as dangerous as child predators come and they believe he may be hiding in Berrien County.

In fact, they say many sex offenders may have been living in the community for years, even in your neighborhood.

And you might have no idea.  "They weren't monitored here and it was a safe haven here for them," says Berrien County Sheriff Anthony Heath.

It's a problem Heath noticed when he first took office.

He says finding unregistered offenders is one of his top priorities.  "I want the message clear that we won't let them go unrecorded and we will actively seek them out and take arrest warrants on them."

He'll start by searching for sex offenders in the area, update their address, take new photographs and posting that information on the county's website where for the whole community to see.

He also says they are working with other law enforcement agencies to make sure if an offender is looking to move in, they won't go unnoticed.

"With-in 72 hours, once we get notification that they are coming to Berrien County, they have to report to us! In the past that has not been done." Heath says.

Members of the community feel better knowing these criminals are definitely being watched.

"Sex offenders need to be kept tabs on that way they may not have a chance to bother another child!" says Berrien County resident Freddy Winegard.

And law enforcers hope that when they run from the law, they won't run to Berrien County.



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