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Counting the calories by way of cell phone

February 7, 2008

Undated -- Like many of us, Lauren Alford tries to eat a healthy diet.

"It's new years resolution time," Alford said. "And so with resolutions, trying to eat better, trying to be healthy."

But sometimes making the right food choice is confusing.

Now you can get all the nutritional info you need from your favorite restaurants by using your cell phone.

The program is called "Nutrition on the Go".

It's a text message service that lets you get nutritional information like calories, fat and protein on your favorite restaurant foods.

"We have 1700 restaurants in the database right now and we're going for top restaurant chains to start with," said Meredith Oliver of

Here's how it works: You punch in a special number, then enter the restaurant name and specific food item, and in an instant a text message appears with the nutritional information.

Lauren says Nutrition on the Go is helping her make the right food choices wherever she is.

"You can easily talk yourself into eating something when you don't know how many calories it's got," Alford said. "But when you see it, it helps with the restriction."

And the Nutrition on the Go service is free as long as you have text messaging on your cell phone.

For more information, click here.

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