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ADICA members to beef up their roles in downtown development


February 6, 2008

Albany--  Albany-Dougherty Inner City Authority members will now play a more active role in downtown Albany's future.

Downtown Manager Don Buie says he wants members to get their hands dirty with shaping downtown. He wants to adopt a Main Street approach to development, meaning a focus on things like design and economic restructuring.

ADICA board members will be proactive in bringing about those changes.

"The members of the board received their marching orders tonight. They're going to look at the packet, decide who's going to chair what committee. We're going to assemble a great team of volunteers and we're calling on all Albanians. If you're interested on being on one of the committees, please give us a call," said Buie.

Committees will consist of community members, architects and planners. Once groups are in place, they'll be able to focus on how to move downtown forward.

Two long-time ADICA leaders ended their service on the board Wednesday night and were honored for their roles in downtown development.

Reverend Jimmy Hall served on the board for 12 years. Bishop John Burr served for 9. Elvis Muldrow of Destiny Transportation and businesswoman LaJuana Woods will take their places.