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Super votes for Dougherty County's Super Tuesday

February 6, 2008

Albany--  Georgians turned out in historic numbers for the 2008 Presidential Primary. Nearly 2-million votes were cast, a 44 percent turnout. Dougherty County voters beat that state average and nearly doubled turnout from four years ago.

Long lines could be seen all over Dougherty County Super Tuesday. Election leaders are now catching their breath after an impressive turnout.

"We had a really big turnout. We had a 48 percent turnout," said Elections Supervisor Carolyn Hatcher.

It was 48.5 percent to be exact. Compare that to 2004 when turnout was only 27 percent. "Dougherty County, I'm so proud of our voters because we always beat the state average, always," said Hatcher.

Those votes of course translated into some wins for presidential candidates. Out of 43,596 registered voters in Dougherty County, 21,162 people showed up at the polls.

In the Republican Race, 2,759 voters were for John McCain making him the clear winner with nearly 45 percent of the vote. Mike Huckabee was second with 25 and a half percent, followed closely by Mitt Romney with just a little less.

On the Democratic side, the clear winner was Barack Obama with 11,227 votes and a little more than 75 percent. Hillary Clinton got about 22 percent of the vote after more than 3,300 people voted.

"It's all new. It's kind of a new game and I think that's what really got people excited," said Hatcher. Hatcher was really excited and impressed with the young voters.

At Albany State's precinct, nearly 30-percent showed up at the polls. Students say they were inspired to.

"That says the student population here really cares about what's going on in the world," said Junior Victor Sibley.

"Some of the messages they were saying kind of sparked my interest a little bit just to be involved with the overall election process," said Senior Kyle Dawson.

The test now will be whether the same momentum and long lines will be evident come November.

The Dougherty County precinct with the highest turnout was Christ Methodist Church. 52-percent of registered voters there showed up at the polls.   These numbers do not include provisional ballots.



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