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Hospital board steps up start walking program

February 6, 2008

Albany -- Phoebe Putney Hospital is teaming up with the American Heart Association to urge you to start walking.

Hospital board members walked around their meeting table Wednesday morning to jump start their new health project. The largest employer in South Georgia, Phoebe will start promoting walking programs for it's 3,700 employees, and urge other businesses to start exercise and diet programs for their employees health.

Organizers say the walking program pays off in several ways. Phoebe Healthworks Director Julian Maddox said "what it does, it makes you healthier. Your Doctor bills are not as high, and a lot of junk we eat everyday, it will reduce your bottom line."

The American Heart Association says industry loses more than 225 billion dollars a year in productivity, because of employee and family health problems. Organizers say the start walking program will help.


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