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Kingston hopes Moody housing will soon be solved

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February 6, 2008

Valdosta - First district Congressman Jack Kingston hopes the problems with family housing at Moody Air Force base will soon come to an end.

Work halted a year ago on the Magnolia Grover housing project near Moody Air Force Base when the former contractor, the Carabetta Group failed to pay local subcontractors millions of dollars for their work.

Kingston says he expects the Air Force to award the contract to finish the Magnolia Housing Project within the next few months and then will work to get all the debt paid.

"Once they do that, they'll swing back to town, have an open forum with all the subs where they can ask when am I going to get my money, am I still on track and can I sue the bonding company or whatever," Kingston says.

Work on Air Force family housing projects in Arkansas, Florida and Massachusetts have also been stopped for similar reasons.

Kingston hopes once the new contract is awarded, work will begin again at all four of these bases.