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Wild Adventure's new furry friends

February 7, 2008

Valdosta - Wild Adventures will open its gates for the first time under new owners, Herschend Family Entertainment.

"The park reopens February 16th and when people walk in they are going to be greeted with a bright new look," says Sara Sumner, Public Relation for the park.

A new look with some new faces.  "This is bear and this is Kimo," says Chris Kilpatrick in Animal Entertainment.

"This is Balto.  This is one of our new babies at Wild Adventures," Sumner adds.

"These guys are going to be meet and greet animals right away so when you come to the park, they'll be at the front gate.  They'll be there to welcome you to the new Wild Adventures," Kilpatrick says.

The wolves will also be featured in the park's new American Predators show with their bears and two new baby cougars.

"We are really trying to bring the animals out to our guests a little bit more so they can have a better experience and connect to the roods of Wild Adventures because we started as an animal park," Sumner says.

The cougars and wolves are the newest additions to the Wild Adventure family but there are many more still to come.

"Later on in the year, we'll have some baby tigers for people to take a look at," Sumner says.  "And of course we'll have animals of Ocean Adventures coming in."

"Sea Lions, sharks, sting rays.  A totally new park.  It's going to be fun!" Kilpatrick adds.

The gates open for the season next Saturday. 

The predator show and ocean adventures will begin May 31st.  These shows are included in the price of park admission.

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