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Albany Obama supporters celebrate GA victory

February 5, 2008

Albany--  There were cheers for Obama Tuesday night after campaigning and canvassing Albany streets all day. Volunteers say he's worth it.

"He's a visionary," said supporter Sandra Hampton.

The sounds of support came from the Sandtrap Lounge in East Albany. Obama supporters like Roscoe Dunlap watched the television screen closely for results. He wanted to see if his advanced vote last week really counted.

"Now is a time for change," said Dunlap.

At 7 in the evening, that time of change was clear, at least here in Georgia. Obama won the state primary. Voters say it's because the state and it's southwest region wasn't forgotten by Obama in the presidential race.

"South Georgia does have an impact," said Dunlap.

And that's what made volunteers show up in huge numbers here in Albany. They put up signs, went door to door and just got the word out for people to vote. "Basically for his platform and things he stands for," said supporter and volunteer Verona Fitzhugh.

Now it's time to sit and wait. Supporter Verona Fitzhugh has worn her Obama buttons for the past 10 days and hopes to continue to wear them until the next election.

"I'm just proud that he won and hopefully this is a good sign for November," said Fitzhugh.

Voters say they're all for the change Obama has talked about. "I think he has a really good chance," said Hampton.

But it's not just up to them and the other voters in Georgia. Other states have to come into play in this primary.  



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