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Super Tuesday votes determine which candidate gets delegates

February 5, 2008

Albany -- Sheena Burrus was one of the thousands to vote this Super Tuesday. And her vote will be counted to determine which candidate will win through the delegation process.

"I understand bits and pieces of it. I know we are voting to put a Presidents name on the ballot," said Burrus.

"Delegates are men and women selected by each party to represent the democratic national assembly when they meet. When you vote we are voting for those delegates, but our vote does count," said Dr. Babafemi O. Elufiede with the Albany State Department of Political Science.

So when its time for a party convention, Georgia's delegates will than vote for Tuesday night's winner for our state. "It's another form of checks and balances," said Elufiede.

Each state carries a different number of delegates. "All is based by population," said Elufiede. The state of Georgia carries 87 democratic delegates and 72 Republican delegates.

"The Democratic party has several districts and with these districts you can win several delegates," said Elufiede. This process is the same for the Republican party in Georgia.

Even though its delegates that help determine Tuesday nights winner, its still important you go out and cast your vote. "I still go out and vote because I know my voice does count, and I encourage everyone to come out," said Burrus.

Because your vote helps determine who will get Georgia's delegates for the White House.


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