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Sherwood Christian drops down in GISA reclassification

February 5, 2008 '

Albany - Like the Georgia High School Association, the Georgia Independent School Association has to reclassify their member schools.

Albany's Sherwood Christian Academy is one of the few schools making a move down in this year's reclassification.

Sherwood Christian is scheduled to play at the AA level starting next year.

It is move the Eagles have been anticpating with enrollment at 136 students

While Sherwood Christian has been competitive in recent years in virtually all sports in AAA, the Eagles football program has struggled in the GISA's classification.

SCA headmaster Dr. Glen Schultz believes the move down won't guarantee the Eagles wins but it will level the playing field.

Dr. Glen Schultz said "It doesn't mean we are going to go down and be instant winners. But we are going to be competing against schools our size and I think that is going to be a boost to our athletes, our coaches and our overall student body."

Sherwood Christian though is worried that controversy surrounding a change in the GISA reclassification process could put the Eagles back in AAA.

The change this time was to split the GISA into thirds with the top third going into AAA and so forth down the line.

That has moved several schools including Brookwood in Thomasville, Trinity Christian and Gatewood into the AAA classification.

 Those schools sent the GISA a letter asking that the organization reconsider the change before starting the reclassification process.

Brookwood head master Mike Notaro says there is no way his school with 143 students can compete in a classification where the largest schools have enrollments over 350 students.

Notaro says the last time Brookwood played at the AAA level their football program basically folded due to lack of participation.

Notaro says the Brookwood and the other schools will appeal.

If their appeal is not granted, Notaro says Brookwood will explore its options.

Which he admits are limited.

Notaro says Brookwood is not considering leaving the GISA at this moment, it is an option that some of the schools may consider if their appeals to stay at the AA level are not granted. 

GISA schools have until February 15th to file their appeals.






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