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Georgians are enthusiastic about primary

February 5, 2008

Albany --  It's Super Tuesday and the turnout in Georgia has been heavy.  Long lines and two hours waits in some areas of Atlanta may lead to a record turnout here in Georgia.  In south Georgia, many polling locations reported a steady stream of voters. 

It's decision day and south Georgia voters wasted little time deciding, on the south side they lined up waiting for polling locations like Mt. Zion to open.

"First thing this morning we had about 25 out there and that was about 6:45 this morning," said Barbara Mathis, Mt. Zion Election Manager.

For some the choice was easy,  they want change and chose Senator Barack Obama.

"I feel like it's time for a change and he's the right candidate for the position of President," said Voter Stevie Porter.

"I think that the change he could bring the United States could be a welcomed, needed change," said voter Daniel Johnson.

For others it was who they didn't want. "Well, I knew who I didn't want to vote for so that kind of narrowed it down," says voter Judy Hayes.

William F. Brooks said, "I'm just afraid of what's happening around the world, I want a good leader, I want a good leader."

Some felt Senator Hillary Clinton would do the best job. "Well I voted myself for Hillary Clinton.  She was more concise with her ideas as far as what she wanted to do as soon as she got in office," says Tiffany Mathis.

In south Georgia, it was about the issues and health care was on top of the list. "Healthcare is a great issue for me right now that's what determined my vote the most," said Ginger Piper.

Curtis Winchester said,  "Healthcare, the healthcare, we need to have better and the economy."

"Prescription medicine, yeah, affordable medicine that's a real important issue for me," says Porter.

Whatever the issues, most voters today agreed, the tough choice is yet to come.

"Right now it's an easy choice, I think it will be a harder choice next time," said Piper.

There were a few glitches today, some computer battery problems at a couple of polling locations, but those were quickly fixed and voters continued to cast ballots.  They were estimating a good turn out here in Albany, but these last two hours are critical to a good turnout.

Of course WALB News Ten will be keep a close watch on the elections results tonight.  We'll have several updates throughout the evening on the results from Georgia and the other 24 states.

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