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Valdosta votes

February 5, 2008

Valdosta - Volunteers from Barack Obama's headquarters in Valdosta are busy trying to get his supporters to the polls.

Thursday afternoon, they're still making phone calls.

Election officials in Lowndes County say most precinct had people lined up when the pools opened. 

They say early voting numbers were more than five times higher than they were in 2004 and expect the largest turnout in a decade.

"I think there are a lot of reasons. We don't have an incumbent on the ballot in the first time in forever. We have for the first time a female on the ballot and an African American on the ballot. You've got strong partisan campaigning that's drawing a lot of people out and then you have the awareness issue as well," say Deb Cox of the Lowndes Board of Elections.

The board of elections will display local and national election results as they come in, both at their office and on the Lowndes County website.


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