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Albany Police Officers investigated for cheating on exam

February 5, 2008

Albany -- WALB News 10 has learned that at least three top ranking officers are being investigating for cheating on a test at the Law Enforcement Center. Apparently they forgot surveillance cameras in the room were rolling.

 At least three Albany Police Department supervisors are the targets of an Internal Affairs investigation, to determine if they cheated on an exam being given by their own department last month. Albany Police Media Manager Phyllis Banks-Whitley said "internal Affairs is investigating a conversation that took place towards the end of an exam that was administered by the training unit on January 18th."

The exam was given throughout the day in the training room at the Law Enforcement Center. Officers exam schedules were staggered to accommodate their work schedules. Banks-Whitley said "it was an exam on criminal procedure. Things like when to arrest a person, when not to arrest a person, criminal law. Things of that nature."

Albany Police would neither confirm nor deny what WALB sources say, that the Officers, all Captains or Lieutenants, were helping each other with answers.  And were caught on video tape doing it.

Chief James Younger won't go on camera, but  Banks Whitley said "he does take this very seriously. Our Chief, our leader, is about integrity. So he will look into this matter based on his philosophy of integrity."

 All the Officers involved are still on duty, as Internal Affairs has 30 days to complete their investigation. Banks Whitley said "no disciplinary action has been taken. Internal Affairs has to go through their procedures."

 Internal Affairs is reportedly still interviewing all witnesses in this cheating scandal. The exam was given to all officers in the Department.

Police Spokespersons would not discuss the extent of discipline that could be handed out if the Officers are found guilty of cheating.


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