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Don't Forget to Vote!

February 5, 2008

Albany--Thousands of south Georgia voters are hitting the polls early this Super Tuesday. 

Voters in more than twenty states will take part in presidential primaries or caucuses here today.

Poll workers at the Church of Christ on Beattie Road say at 6:30 this morning they had about 50 voters lined up outside the church--all of them waiting to cast their ballot.

Over at Darton College, poll workers say they had about twenty voters who lined up and waited to vote this morning.

So far, poll workers say voters are turning out in steady numbers.

We talked to several voters who say this presidential primary is too important to miss.  One voter, a college student at UGA, even drove all the way down from Athens to make sure her vote counts.

"A lot of people told me it's just the primaries you don't have to go all the way home for that. But I told them that if a few people think that way, then just think how many votes that is lost," says 20-year-old voter, Hillary Hunter.

"I'd like to see the deficit dwindle down. Right now we have the largest deficit in the world. To mask it is a terrible thing and we really to elect someone who is going to be responsible for diminishing it," says voter Whit Gunnels.

You have until 7 PM to cast your ballot, and don't forget your photo ID.  

If you aren't sure what precinct you're voting in, all you have to do is log onto the secretary of state's website and type in your name and birth date to find out the location.



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