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Concern continues over children's cough medicine

February 4, 2008

Albany--  Medicine meant to keep your kids healthy could actually make them sick and many parents aren't getting the message.

According to a new report in the Pediatrics Journal, more than 7,000 kids a year are treated in emergency rooms after taking over the counter cold medicine.

The Food and Drug Administration pulled cold medications for children aged 2 and under because they're not safe or effective. But many older kids also have adverse reactions. 

"If you're not cautious when you're giving these medications, and you're giving it perhaps too frequently, you can get into an overdosage situation that can require medical treatment," said Pharmacist Gary Phillips.

Most of the cases were from children getting into the medications without parental knowledge. The rest were from parents giving the wrong dosage.

Pharmacist Gary Phillips says if you insist on treating your child with cold medicine, make sure you use the supplied measuring cup.




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