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Man killed after parking car on busy road

February 4, 2008

Lee County - For the third time in a week, someone is killed in South Georgia because of a car parked in or near a road. Monday afternoon, a Lee County man parked his car in the eastbound lane of Forrester Parkway. Another car came along and rear-ended 44-year old Eddie James Nickens, killing him.

Investigators are still trying to put together exactly why this Buick was stopped and parked in the middle of Forrester Parkway just after lunch this afternoon. "There was two vehicles traveling on Forrester Parkway. One was evidentially stopped in the road," said Coroner Ronald Crowe.  

A car, driven by 27-year old Josh Landon Boutwell of Leesburg came around a curve between Lover's Lane and Graves Springs Road and before he could stop, plowed into the back of the Buick, killing 44-year old Eddie James Nickens, also of Leesburg. Crowe said, "He said he looked up, stated he saw the car stopped and they collided."

Boutwell is okay, but was taken to the Lee County Jail because he was driving with a suspended license. Troopers say he will not be charged in the wreck because Nickens was improperly parked in the roadway.

Crowe says Forrester Parkway can be a dangerous road with it's many curves, but hopes to not have to respond to another fatal crash here again. "It's a pretty busy road so they need to be careful and especially on these curves, slow down."

And buckle up. Troopers say Nickens was not wearing his seatbelt. Troopers say they don't know why Nickens was parked in the middle of the road.

Last Tuesday, two women were killed on the Liberty Expressway in Albany in separate wrecks. 57-year old Linda Salstrom was parked beside the busy highway and apparently stepped into traffic. Later that day, 21-year old Alisha Gambrell was killed when the pickup truck she was riding in slammed into a tractor trailer that was parked in the emergency lane.



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