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Young voters race to the polls this presidential election

February 4, 2008

Albany -- Fifth graders at Lincoln Fundamental Magnet School participated in "Super Monday,"a Mock election.

"They seem to lean toward one particular candidate. Everyone in the school," said Social Studies teacher, Shirley Barnes.

And this seems to be the case at voting booths across the nation. "The crowd that hasn't been voting in the past elections are doing so because of Obama," said ASU student, Derren Lewis.

"We are seeing something that I guess a lot of people said would not happen. There is a female presidential candidate and a black male. A lot of people said that wouldn't happen," said ASU Student, Cherrise Lampkin.

"With Obama there is a lot of fresh new ideas, and it's a change. He is African-American, but Hilary, she'd be a woman president. And we never had that before either," said Darton Student, Scott Wilkerson.

But not everyone thinks its just his fresh ideas. "To be honest I only think it's because Obama is black. And all of the young people want to see a black president come in," said Lewis.

And his fraternity wants to make sure this isn't the case. "We told them don't go out and vote for Obama because he is black. Listen to his campaign. Don't vote for Hilary because she is a woman. Listen to their campaign," said Lewis.

Regardless of your party you should go out and cast your ballot. "I think it's a good thing. People need to go out and vote even if you don't know who you are going to vote for like me," said Wilkerson.

So your voice will be heard.

Barack Obama won the Dougherty County Mock elections pulling 69 percent of the student vote. Hilary Clinton pulled in 18 percent of the votes.


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