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Billboards to broadcast election results

February 4, 2008

Valdosta - Billboards across the state will be broadcasting the results of the state's presidential primary election as they happen. 

The Outdoor Advertising Association of Georgia say they have 20 electronic billboards throughout the state.

And from 7:00 to 11:00 Tuesday night, they'll be displaying which candidates are winning and by how much.

The billboards have been popping up across the state since 2006 but this is the first election where they'll be updating the results.

"It was done in Iowa for the Iowa Caucus and was a big success there. It's been done in a number of other states. It's been done in Michigan, Ohio, South Carolina and last week in Florida and was a big success. So we are going to be doing in Georgia here tomorrow," says James Locke of Lamar Advertising.

The billboards, some of which can be seen in Albany, Valdosta and Brunswick, will also display the winner through Wednesday.

If successful, they could begin posting results for all local, state, and national elections.


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