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Hydrologists say Georgia drought danger continues

February 4, 2008

Baker County -- South Georgia creeks and streams are at their highest levels since last winter. They say recent rains are helping, but it's not enough to end Georgia's drought.

The Ichaway Notchaway Creek has good flow, and it's level is at it's highest point for a year. But South Georgia got about 2 to 3 inches less rainfall in January than normal, and the Floridan Aquifer is still ten feet below it's normal level for this time of the year.

Hydrologist say that is troubling, because December through March are the rainy months when we will get that recharge. Hydrologist Woody Hicks said "we have gotten enough rainfall to get our streams back up into pretty good shape. Our ground water levels are still lower than we would like to see them this time of year."

Georgia's climatologist has forecast another dry spring and summer, so Hicks says we are still in danger of another summer of drought.

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