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Mike Huckabee campaigns in Macon

February 3, 2008

Macon --  A thunder of applause filled Cherry Street Park as Mike Huckabee addressed the crowd.  "He is a strong conservative and he is a strong Christian and that appeals to me," said Billie Dandy.

"I like Mike Huckabee because he is for fair tax, pro-life, and a second amendment supporter," said Richard Wallace.

And the issue that drew the most support was fair tax. "Mike is a true conservative, and he is for fair tax. He is truly for fair tax," said Herb Whitson.

"As a small business owner, I believe in fair tax because it won't take all of my money," said Dandy.

Signs never stopped waving through out Huckabee's 20 minute speech. 

"I believe that Huckabee is the most conservative, and he can appeal to the people. He is so personable. I believe that he can reach across party lines and get things done," said Michael Lane.

And this is the reason why the 18-year-old has dedicated hours to his campaign. "I look at it as Mike Huckabee is a good candidate and volunteering for him is like serving my country because I believe he can make a change in America," said Lane. 

But not everyone was a supporter. "If you want to stand with the troops, stand with Ron Paul," said Linda Poole.

"I don't believe in polls. I think Mike Huckabee is going to win this thing," said Whitson. Only the results on Super Tuesday will determine which candidate truly has America's vote.

Supporter Chuck Norris introduced Mike Huckabee during the rally. Earlier Sunday, Huckabee attended service at the First Baptist Church in Woodstock.

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