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Dems battling for voters in Georgia

February 1, 2008

Albany -- The countdown is on to Super Tuesday, and the race between Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, both vying for the Democratic presidential nomination, has heated up in Georgia.

At Barack Obama's Albany campaign headquarters, volunteers had their ears glued to the phone making calls to scores of potential volunteers just 4 days before voters head to the polls.

Brittney Quinn, a student at Albany State University and Obama campaign volunteer said, "Right now, the game plan is just to get as many people as possible to come out and help us because we have a lot of doors we need to knock on."

Just a few hours up the road in Atlanta, former President Bill Clinton was on the campaign trail for his wife, who in at least one poll is trailing Obama by 16 points in Georgia. But Obama, who has raised more than $1.3 million in Georgia alone, has made his presence known in the Peach State via the airwaves.

Locally, at least to according to one Obama volunteer, many potential voters he's spoken with are split between the two candidates.

"Most people in this area like Clinton and they like Obama. But Obama's new, and they gotta get to know him. So what we're doing is trying to get people to go to his website and listen to him talk or look at the things he's doing, because they say Clinton's got more experience. So we're trying to sell Obama to them and let them know that he is the right person for the nation," said Kenneth Florence.

With voters in more than 20 states casting ballots on Super Tuesday, the candidates and their supporters are sure to stay busy on the campaign trail between now and February 5th.

Georgia's Secretary of State says voter registration is up with 42,000 new voters registering prior to the January 7th deadline. And that of course is good indication that voter turn out should be huge on Super Tuesday.

Former Mississippi Governor Ray Mabus will campaign for Obama in Albany on Saturday.

He'll be at the campaign headquarters on Slappey Boulevard at six Saturday night.



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