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Police step up patrols on Albany Liberty By pass

February 1, 2008

Albany -- After three deaths in five days in three traffic crashes on the Liberty Expressway, Dougherty County Police HEAT units and Albany Police teamed up to slow speeders and save lives.

 The officers will set up operations a couple of days a week on the bypass to stop speeders. They'll also ticket drivers who don't move over for Officers in emergency lanes.

Thursday Officers gave out a dozen speeding citations and three times as many warnings in just one hour. Dougherty Co. Police Lt. Thomas Jackson said "so we are trying to advise the citizens, we are going to be targeting that area. You need to slow down and you need to move over, because we will cite you."

 Officers say they have seen too many deaths on the Bypass already this year, and they'll patrol it more vigorously to try to prevent more deaths.

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