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YMCA hopes to Activate America

January 31, 2008

Valdosta - A recent doctors diagnosis convinced Daniel Powell he needed a change.

"I found out I had high blood pressure and I was on the verge of sugar diabetes and I had a heart attack."

So he joined the YMCA in Valdosta.  "I did cardio for five months to get my weight down. Once the weight got down I started lifting weights to put on muscle."

And reshaped his life.  "I was weighing 298 pounds and now I weight 183," Powell says.

He says the Y's staff helped him shape his mind, body and spirit.

Now the agency is hoping to shrink America's waistline as well.  "It's a program where we are trying to get the nation moving. We want them to build a healthy lifestyle, healthy habits, make it a long lasting, life long habit," says Randy Gaytan, Program Director.

Activate America is aimed at the 40% of Americans, who like Powell, crave a healthier lifestyle.

They are asking everyone simply to start moving and if joining a gym is right for you, they'll offer a 12 week training program to help you get the ball rolling.  "You are happier, you have more energy and that leads them to be motivated and keep going," Gaytan says.  "It just changes their life. They have a whole different outlook."

And Powell says for those who stick with it, it will change your life.  "Stick to it!  I feel 100% better. I'm 48 years old and feel like I'm 20. I have a lot more stamina, a lot more strength."

Together, they hope to battle America's bulge, one community at a time.


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