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Lawmen want you to move over

January 29, 2008

Albany--  Dougherty County Police are starting a new education effort to keep you and emergency workers safe on the roads.  

Georgia's move over law states that if drivers see any law enforcement, emergency, construction or Department Of Transportation vehicle on the side of the road, they need to move over a lane.

If you can't, you're supposed to slow down and be prepared to stop. But officers say when they pull over drivers, many say they didn't know anything about the law.

"The law asks you to move over to another lane adjacent to you if you're on a four-lane roadway. If you're on a two-lane, if there's not any oncoming traffic, the same applies. You're asked to move over to the other lane or to come to a stop if you can't safely move over so an officer may not be struck by your vehicle," said Lt. Tom Jackson with Dougherty County Police.

Now the Dougherty County Police Department is making sure drivers are aware. Officers hand out pamphlets about the law during each traffic stop and within the past few days they've put bumper stickers on the back of all their patrol cars that boldly say move over.



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