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Task force to combat ID Theft

January 29, 2008

Albany - It's one of the fastest growing crimes, identity theft, but Governor Sonny Perdue wants to steal that opportunity away from criminals.

Thieves find your personal information on everything from Doctor bills to credit card statements, then they use it for their own gain. The Governor wants to establish an identity theft task force in the GBI.

The task force will investigate ID theft, educate the public, and help local law enforcement officials combat the problem.

Georgia ranks 7th in the nation for identity theft. chief Assistant District Attorney Greg Edwards said, "We have more senior citizens that become victims of this particular crime and also just our Southern hospitality, we've been more trusting of our information and people take advantage of this."

Shelly Faulk said, "I think people neglect to realize how serious it in fact is and how much money it cost us as individuals when people steal our identity."

 The Governor included one million dollars in his budget proposal to pay for the initiative. Identity theft cost Georgians more than $25 Million in 2006.

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