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A deadly day on Albany bypass

January 29, 2008

Albany -- Police are still trying to figure out exactly how both accidents happened, but they know that speed and distracted drivers often contribute to deadly wrecks.

They say it's imperative for your safety and the safety of others for you to slow down and pay attention.

Drivers pass by the scene of Tuesday morning's fatality with expressions of shock on their faces.

57-year-old Linda Salstrom of Woodstock was killed after being hit by several vehicles around 6:45. Witnesses told firefighters she walked onto the roadway.

"We're still looking into the circumstances into which the first fatality occurred," said APD Spokesperson Phyllis Banks.

Police don't know why Salstrom was in the road, but her car was found still running in the emergency lane with the door open.

Less than six hours later, only about a half mile west of where the first fatality occurred, 21-year old Alicia Gambrell was killed when the small Mazda pickup truck she was riding in veered off the road and was pinned underneath this Wal-mart trailer which was parked on the side of the road.

"The conditions under which this wreck occurred remain under investigation," said Banks. "Right now they're working to find out exactly what happened."

Ms. Gambrell died on the scene. 23-year old Jeffery Adams, who was driving the truck with Worth County tags, and 1-year old Tristin Gambrell were taken to the hospital. They are both in fair condition.

"Make sure you're not doing anything that may be a distraction while you're driving," she said. "It is sad, but as drivers we need to be more cautious."

So that more lives aren't lost on this highway.

59-year old Jimmy Howell from Fort White, Florida was driving the eighteen wheeler. He told police he was parked on the side of the road reading a map when the pickup truck crashed into him.

Police haven't said if they plan to charge Adams or Howell.

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