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South Georgia family reacts to State of the Union

January 28, 2008

Albany -- Rockeela Lavant tries her best to listen to the State of the Union while also tending to her two children. She hopes to hear how the government plans to turn the economy around.

"Its going to have to be the minimum wage, gas, health care reform. So much," said Lavant.

Being a single mother of two, the state of the economy hits her hard.

"With gas prices being so high we have had to try a little bit harder to make ends meet. Its kind of like pay check to paycheck. The cost of food has also gone up tremendously. Pampers, all of those things go into play," said Lavant.

She also fears that an economic down turn will make crime worse.

"I worry that I may come home one day to find someone has kicked my back door in and, we'll have to start all over. So there is just so much that goes into play when you talk about the economy," said Lavant.

The tax rebates will help her out.

"I think this $600.00 will help, and as a single parent I am always trying to think of ways to save money so I can buy the things that my kids need. So I think it will help the economy, said Lavant.

But she also knows this won't be a quick fix. 

"I think its going to take some time with the different legislators when they meet.  Its going to take some time for them to sit at the tables and figure out the best way," said Lavant. 

Until then she focuses on providing for her family and being the best mother for her children.

The House is expected to pass the Economic Stimulus Bill Tuesday. And President Bush is also expected to sign off on it by the middle of next month.

But it still needs to pass the Senate before Americans can expect those rebates to go out.


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