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Top flautist visits South Georgia

January 28, 2008

Thomasville--Despite the informal setting, it was concert few imagined they'd ever see. They're learning the instrument in their high school band class, but it was another story listening to the Italian National Champion, Elena Cecconi play before them.

"She did stuff I've never seen before. She was really fast and her tone, it was really good," says high school senior Renée Terns.  Even their band director, Michael Mayhall, was impressed, to say the least.  "I've never heard someone play like that in my career. She really does a wonderful job," says Mayhall.

Cecconi plays in concerts all over the world but holds a special place in her heart for teaching.  "I try to let them understand it's important to be very deep in music as well as in life and to believe what you do," Cecconi says.  The students not only got to listen to her play, but Cecconi stayed on afterwards to give them a private lesson.  "She's working with a couple of students on solo's they're preparing to play in public. She's given them pointers on proper tones and what's necessary to make a good performance," explains Mayhall.

Cecconi says she hopes she can inspire the students to work hard at learning to play the flute.   "In this world, everything seems so easy. We switch on the computer and it just goes. But the instrument is not like this, you must practice," Cecconi says.  Terns agrees, "I definitely want to go back to school now. My music seems so easy compared to what she just did. I want to go back, and practice it." Practice makes perfect, and it doesn't get much more perfect than this. 

Cecconi will go on to play at Florida State University and then to Orlando, Florida, for the annual State Convention and Flute Fair. 

To learn more about Elena Cecconi, visit her website. 



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