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Albanians participate in advance voting

January 28, 2008

Albany --  Advance voting for the February Fifth presidential primary began Monday across Georgia, and will run for the rest of this week.

In Dougherty County elections supervisors say the turnout was excellent.   A steady stream of voters came into the Dougherty County advanced voting center at 125 Pine Avenue Monday.  240 voters cast their ballot in the Presidential Primary by 4:00PM.

Voters had to show a photo I. D. , and then decide if they wanted to vote for a Democratic or Republican Party ticket. 

The choices for that Party's Candidate are on those ballots.  Many voters say they like the advanced voting for it's convenience.  "I never know what's going to happen.  I decided today I had time, so I came ahead to do it. I like this way a lot.  I like coming early," said Advanced Voter Lillian Parkman.

Advance voting will continue in all Georgia counties through Friday.  Dougherty County's advance voting center, in the candy room at 125 Pine Avenue, is open from 8:30 until 5. 

Then all Precincts will be open for voting on election day, February 5th.


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