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Albany moves closer to cable competition

January 28, 2008

Albany --  Beginning this year, it's easier for other cable companies to offer services in Albany, because they can do one contract with the state, instead of negotiating contracts with every municipality.

One company that's likely to be in Albany soon, AT&T, which means competition and possibly better customer service overall.   

No matter how you feel about the service, if you want cable access in Albany, Mediacom is your only option.  But not for long.

Dougherty County Commission Chairman Jeff Sinyard said, "What I think is very important about this, competition makes us all better, and I think that when this starts to roll out this year and next year, it's going to allow our consumers more choices."

AT&T issued a state-wide notice that they plan to enter into a contract with the state to provide services.  And Dougherty county will be able to benefit from that contract.  They'll receive 5% of gross revenues from any cable provider that offers services.

"We want to make sure there's a dialogue between the county and Mediacom and the county and whoever might come in with franchise arrangements because so many of our folks are not happy.  Some feel like it's gotten better and some fell like it can always get better," Sinyard said.

Especially with a little friendly competition brewing. "I think their quality of service has increase in the last year, hopefully that will continue," said Commissioner Jack Stone.

Commissioners will sign the resolution approving the 5% franchise fee at the next regularly scheduled meeting.  


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