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Lee County boy needs transplant money

January 28, 2008

Lee County -- A group in 'God's Angels' T-shirts surround Easton Blanchard with one goal in mind-- to save his life.

"It's really rough on us right now. We are doing all we can to get people to help us," said father, Brian Blanchard.

Easton was diagnosed with Muscular Dystrophy when he was only three-months-old. "He lost 19 and a half feet of his small intestines, but we are in need of a transplant," said Blanchard.

"He has a bag that has to be emptied. Every time you turn around it has to be emptied," said mother, Heather Blanchard.

Easton is currently on a transplant list with the Children's Hospital in Pittsburgh. "We are on an on-call list and pretty much on 24-hour stand by. Whenever we get that call, we got to go," said Brian Blanchard.

A call he almost received January 13th, but wasn't a match.

"That was probably one of the biggest wake up calls that we have ever gotten. It was literally a sign from God saying you need to get your stuff together," said Heather Blanchard.

And now a group of 25 is doing what they can to raise money. "Take what you spend on a cup of coffee and put it in a canister for Easton," said fundraiser coordinator, Kay Barber.

"Everything that is donated is 100 percent tax deductible, but all of the money goes to him for transplant related expenses," said Heather Blanchard.

"Please help. I need a second chance at life. I need my transplant," said Easton Blanchard. 

Hoping that the hearts of Southwest Georgia open up to save this boy's life. 

One dollar raffle tickets to help Easton are now on sale. Anyone wants to buy a ticket or is interested in any of the fundraiser events held for Easton can click here.


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