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Car seats save countless lives

January 26, 2008

Albany -- For Jannilee Cook using a child safety seat is a no brainer.

"He is almost four months old, and he is our first child. And we really don't have any problems with him being in a car seat. Pretty much when we get him in there he goes to sleep," said Cook.

But this isn't the case for every parent.

"Some people are in such a rush to get where they need to go that they say they don't have time to do it. And a lot of kids simply take it off," said Dougherty County police officer, Dan McMuullen.

Taking the extra time can be the difference between your child's life or death. Children who don't use child safety seats are three times more likely to be injured in roadways compared to those who are properly buckled in.

"A fatality as a result of not putting on a seat belt is just senseless," said McMullen. Part of the problems is parents don't know the laws.

"Georgia State Law says that an infant from one year to 20 pounds should be in a rear facing car seat in the back seat never placed in front of an air bag. A toddler should be in a forward facing seat in the back seat of a vehicle," said McMullen.

It even applies to older children.

"Young children four years to 40 pounds should be in a booster seat in the back seat. They should be used roughly until they are eight-years-old," said McMullen.

Police say it is never okay to put a baby in a rear facing seat in front of an air bag. The state also says that any child six years old and under should always be in the back seat in a seat belt.

Overall, being sure your children are buckled in is not only the law, but can save your child's life.


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