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Red Star planes take to South GA skies

January 25, 2008

Waycross - Flying an old Russian War bird isn't your average hobby. But then again... this isn't your average club.

"All the planes had a red star on them when they came from China or Russia or Romania so we just call them the Red Star Pilots Association and we formed it for people who have like interests in these types of airplanes," says "Wild Bill" Walker, a lead pilot with the Red Stars.

The Red Star pilots are an elite group of aviators who perform aerobatic routines hundreds of feet above the ground.  "Its a discipline. We are not playing games while we are up there. It's a very disciplined skill you've got to learn. You are flying three feet from another aircraft,"  says Shane Golden, Southeast Regional Director.

The planes have been brought over from Russia, China, Romania, and Czechoslovakia.

Some of these planes date back decades, and if not for these pilots many may never have made it off the ground.  "A lot of those really are aging and they have been restored from decrepit condition to what looks like a brand new, pristine aircraft," Walker says.

These war birds can be seen soaring the South Georgia skies through the weekend, then only at air shows throughout the country.

The Red Star pilots will perform early Sunday afternoon above the airport in Waycross for anyone who wants to see an amazing aerial performance.

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