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South Georgians give stimulus package thumbs up

January 25, 2008

Albany -- Uncle Sam wants to give money to you, and the check could be in the mail soon.

Thursday, The White House and Congressional leaders agreed on an economic stimulus package that will give rebates to most tax filers.

Most Americans, at least those in the middle class, will get checks of $600.00 to $1200.00. Maybe more if you have children.

South Georgians we talked to Thursday liked the idea.

"It's a good thing for everybody. The low class, the middle class. You know, every little bit helps," says Roger Snead of Albany.

"To be honest with you, the money will help right now. The gas is up to three dollars a gallon and it keeps going up. So everyday people could use a little bit of money. Especially with the gas prices," said Sammie May of Brooks County.

Congress hopes to pass the plan quickly so that checks can go out by June.

The plan will cost about $100 billion dollars.

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