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Ketchup bottle time capsule discovered at ABAC


January 25, 2008

Tifton -- Workers at an area college made an interesting discovery this week - a ketchup bottle time capsule.

Long before it became known as Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College, 36 students from the Second District A & M Area High School wrote their names on a piece of paper and buried in a ketchup bottle.

That was in 1922.

This week, ABAC ground crews were removing an old tree stump and found the glass Heinz ketchup bottle with the names of the students still inside.

"We know there's a great story behind it some where. We don't know if they were sitting out on the front of the campus. We had the three original buildings at that time - Tift Hall, Lewis Hall, and Herring Hall. Maybe they wanted to have their own home made time capsule. They signed their names and dated in March 1, 1922," said Mike Chason, ABAC Public Relations Director.

ABAC officials aren't sure if any of the classmates who signed their names back in 1922 are still alive or in the area, but they're looking into the story behind the buried bottle.

They say the discovery ties in perfectly with the celebration of the school's 100th anniversary.