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Teachers study American stock market

January 24, 2008

 Albany --    Despite the recent waves in the stock market, some young students are jumping into the investment game.

The K through 12th graders will soon get the chance to test their luck in a virtual stock market game that teaches them how to be smart investors.      

Their teachers got some hands on tips through a cooperative effort with the Georgia Council on Economic Education.  Teachers will get virtual money to invest in a stock market game to give students a realistic look at how the market works.  

"They will actually log into the stock market," said Dr. Kathaleena Monds. "There's a website and they can check the daily quotes on companies they want to purchase stock in and get an idea of how the market is actually impacting the game in the classroom, but it's actually real time as well."

Teachers were told to make sure students research the companies they decide to invest in and they got tips on how to buy when the market takes a drastic plunge like it did Tuesday.

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