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Obama supporters kickoff campaign in Albany

January 22, 2008

Albany--  There's a new Albany connection to the big presidential race. One of the top contenders for the Democratic Presidential nomination now has official campaign headquarters here in town.

Volunteers and supporters of Barack Obama will spend the next several days trying to convince South Georgians why he should get their vote over Hillary Clinton and John Edwards.

At one small corner in Albany, people are showing up and signing up.

"I come for the cause and I do for the cause," said Obama supporter Janet Mason.

"I think this is a time for a man of his caliber to lead this country," said Emmanuel Konde.

It's all in support of a man who's big name is spelled out in red, white, and blue on the wall. "Barack Obama has empathy for who I am and the struggles that I've been through," said supporter Silvana Jenkins.

Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama is campaigning on a message of change. That message has now reached Albany and a room full of supporters are listening.

"He has got it going for him right now," said Mason. Right now, he also has the support of Albany political leaders like Mayor Willie Adams and City Commissioner Tommie Postell.

"I really feel comfortable supporting someone when I feel they have a very good purpose and they're moving in the right direction," said Postell.

The way things are going, it seems the young voters are more interested. They say this presidential race is spurring that interest. "He is trying to do something great and I am behind him 100 percent," said Albany State University Sophomore Vanessa Simon.

In a race where race and gender are playing a major factor, South Georgians see this as an historic election. "This is the first time that we've had a chance as an African-American baby boomer to vote for somebody who looks just like me," said Jenkins.

Just like any other supporter, they all want to play their part here in Albany and spur a change all over the nation.

6,000 Obama volunteers are spread out all over the state. Albany volunteers plan to go door-to-door to meet voters and encourage them to get out to the polls February 5th.

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