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Barack Obama opens Albany HQ

January 22, 2008

Albany --  The big presidential race has finally reached South Georgia.

We're two weeks away from Georgia's primary election, and supporters of one Democratic presidential candidate are under one roof to kick off his Albany campaign.

Albany Mayor Willie Adam's old headquarters on North Slappey Boulevard is now the official headquarters of Barack Obama's Albany camp.

Albany Commissioner Charles Postell is an Obama supporter. "I feel that I should support the better candidate, and I think he'll be good for the country. We're having economic problems, and he has proposed some things that I like, and think he's going to be fine."

And what of the fact that Obama has selected Albany for a campaign Headquarters? "From 50 years ago to today, there's been a tremendous success throughout the country, and in Dougherty County and Albany. I think at this point we're ready to galvanize, and come together and select the best candidate for the job," Postell said.

The Obama campaign has offices in Columbus and Savannah and plans to also open offices in Athens and Macon.


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